Blood Feud In Golden Sand ~ Ex-Wife Has Kidnapped Son and Vanished

BloodFeud_BillBitettiAfter Antonio Bianco discovers that his ex-wife, Caroline, has kidnapped their only son, Adam, and vanished into the night, he quits his job as vice-president of a high-powered New York advertising firm, sells his palatial home in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and begins a nationwide manhunt for his son. However, when the police inform him that his beloved mother, Vera Santoro, has been murdered in her condominium in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, his grief soon turns into rage, and he decides to take up residency in his mother’s condo until her killer’s apprehended.

He soon discovers that his mother’s murder is inextricably linked to the ugly feud that exists between two headstrong, wealthy real estate investors, Joe Valenti and Allen Silverman, for control of the Golden Sand Condominium Association.

With the help of Venus Tierney, a lovely criminal law professor at the University of Florida, Antonio sets out to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s murder.
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  1. Teresa Jones says:

    The characters are larger than life. Engrossing, with lots of twists and turns.

  2. Sally J: says:

    This is condo craziness gone amok. What more can I say.

  3. Maria Sanchez says:

    The story moved me to tears. It reads like a romance novel.

  4. Sara Starr says:

    Riveting, wonderfully original and soulful. I can’t wait to read another of Bitetti’s novels.

  5. John MacDonald says:

    Slow to develop, but when it did it really took off.


  1. Andrew Monoco says:

    Blood Feud In Golden Sand hit me in the heart. Aside from the ongoing battle to control the condominium, there’s a touching story about what can happen to children caught in a messy divorce. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Jack Robinson says:

    This is pretty good to read. Amazing!! I would like to share with my friends?

  3. Li Chu says:

    Reading this novel made me feel like I was in Florida. I’m traveling there for the first time from Taiwan this December. I can’t wait. Great site, Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Caron Maya says:

    Blood Feud In Golden Sand gave me a taste of what condo living is like. And I don’t like it. But that’s not the whole story, there’s much more to it than a feud between real estate investors. Antonio Bianco’s desperate struggle to find his son pulled at my heartstrings. Amazingly, he gives up everything to search the country for his beloved son. It’s a heartwarming story. I loved it!

  5. Sandra Owens says:

    Blood Feud In Golden Sand is a very original story. I easily related to Mario’s quest to find his beloved son. My ex took my daughter some years ago, and it took me two years to find her. It was a nightmare! This is story about a father’s love that never give up in spite of all obstacles…

  6. Harvey Lathrop says:

    This novel kept me guessing till the end. My heart went out to Mario in his quest to find his son. Yet, there are other aspects to this story that I found very intriguing. The love interest was something I never expected. It’s well worth the money.

  7. Thania Rivera says:

    This story takes place in a part of Florida that I’ve never been. Frankly, it’s a very emotional journey. One can’t help but feel for this desperate man who abandons his life as an advertising executive to search for his son. It’s a testament to the power of love.

  8. Vilma Greaton says:

    This is a modern day thriller. It’s the first of Bitetti’s novels that I’ve read, but I can assure you it won’t be the last. The audio is relatively cheap and very well done.

  9. Carol Dean says:

    This is a very moving tale about a man’s search for his lost son. If that’s not enough he’s sucked into a feud between two ruthless men obsessed with gaining control of a condo association … at any cost. While at the same time, he’s dealing with the mysterious murder of his beloved mother. It all comes together in an unexpected, unforgettable climax.

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