We Dare Not Lose Our Voice…


A long time ago, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. Since then I’ve worn many hats on my journey to my present life, which is that of an entrepreneur/writer who fervently admires our founding fathers, their courageous struggle to overcome oppression, and the values they held dear.

Those brave men endangered their fortune, their lives, and the lives of those they loved … for a cause. In essence, that precious cause was to prevent power from being taken  from the majority of the people by the minority in the government.

Thus now, more than ever, I find myself fighting against the supposed “collective social norms” being imposed on us in the form of oppressive political correctness, and too, the constant encroachment of our liberties.

As James Madison stated in the Debates of the Virginia Constitutional Convention, June 6, 1788: I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by the violent and sudden usurpations.

All things considered, we, the people, are facing an ever widening sphere of influence by the Federal Government. That coupled with a stealthy device, as lethal, invasive and versatile as a drone, can give the government both enforcement and aerial surveillance capabilities far beyond those envisioned in the novel “1984,” written by the well known author George Orwell.

I hope to raise public awareness of the danger to us all if drones, which up to this time have been weapons platforms primarily used by the military for warfare, become part of our everyday life. Thus, each of us must ask the question. Is the time soon approaching when this new technology will become a Pandora’s box of unforeseen evils that cannot be undone?

I believe that the United States, as well as any other nation, can be thrown into chaos if our enemies seize the opportunity to use on us the every weapons we have employed to destroy them. If our elected officials do nothing to prevent such a calamitous threat, … the hunter will soon become the hunted.

With the help of concerned citizens like yourself, I hope to bring awareness to a world blindly rushing to accept a technologically advanced Trojan Horse into its midst.

It’s all in my novel, Devilish Little Flying Machines. It’s an international thriller, full of adventure, suspense and larger than life characters who must ultimately confront their childhood demons in order to find peace. It’s a story of two brothers caught in the middle of a national calamity, and how it profoundly affects them and the people they love, as well as our nation.

Currently, our military and public agencies, including universities, are allowed to fly working drones; the Federal Aviation Administration is formulating regulations for commercial users, preparing for 2015 when anyone will be able to purchase and operate a drone.

We cannot allow the government to track, collect and store data on anyone’s life for future use. We need to make sure the FAA is aware of our privacy concerns, and places strict limits on the use of unmanned aircraft … before it’s too late.

We, the people, need to raise our voices. We cannot be silent. We must remember the words of the British statesman Lord Acton who wrote on 1887: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Each of us must do whatever we can to preserve our freedoms. Tell your mother, and your next door neighbor, as Paul Revere did when he rode through the streets to warn his fellow countrymen that the British were coming.

When you see a drone peering through  your bedroom window as you wake up in the morning, you’ll know it’s already too late…

Now is the time to take action! As the great Irish orator and politician Edmund Burke said: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Bill Bitetti