The Hacker ~ New York Mafia Family And A Dead Computer Hacker

TheHacker_BillBitettiRunning from the nightmare of losing his wife to ovarian cancer, Donald Giovanni moves to a small town on the east coast of Florida and buys an old country store. Soon, he discovers that he’s fallen into a pit of vipers when he becomes embroiled in an FBI stock scam investigation involving a New York Mafia family and a dead computer hacker, whose body is found hanging from a tree in front of his father’s estate on ritzy Jupiter Island.

Confused, frightened, and alone, Donald’s heart melts when he meets Penelope King, a pretty young Canadian woman. However, Penelope is grief-stricken by the belief that she has inherited Huntington’s Chorea, the same dreadful disease that struck down her sister in the prime life. She ignores his advances until the day fate forces her into his arms.
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  1. Courtney Williams says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the audio. The narrator makes the characters come alive. Good story.

  2. Matthew S says:

    Living in the cold north, this story of redemption in sunny Florida made me want to jump in my car and head south.

  3. Joann Carey says:

    Remarkable love story. Couldn’t stop reading.

  4. I thought the end would be sad, instead it moved me to tears of joy. I loved the audio.

  5. Bill Jacobs says:

    Rich! Very original! The audio gave me something to listen to while stuck in traffic.


  1. Elanore Rheinhold says:

    Suspenseful, romantic love story set on the beautiful coast of Florida. Very descriptive, I felt like I was right there watching it all happen.

  2. Joan H. says:

    Enjoyed how the narrator portrayed the characters. It’s a great story for everyone, full of unexpected twists and turns.

  3. Mary Detwiller says:

    Well written. Exciting love story that left me crying, happy tears. I highly recommend it.

  4. Jacee Nunez says:

    I hesitated before I bought this novel from an unknown author. But I’m glad I did. It was a pleasure to read. It’s a great love story.

  5. Henry M says:

    The book rocks. Couldn’t put it down.

  6. Roxanne Winkle says:

    This story has it all. It swept my away from beginning to end…

  7. Jane Stossal says:

    I listened to the audio at the beach. I closed my eyes and felt like I was right there watching it happen.

  8. Alicia Graff says:

    I don’t know how I found this website, just surfing. But I’m glad I did. Great story. Played to it on my iphone, while walking on the beach.

  9. Marcela Gomez says:

    It brought me to tears. Wonderful, if you want to forget everything and be absorbed into Bitetti’s world of adventure and romance, which he knows so well.

  10. Arlene Bjorneby says:

    This is the third novel I’ve read by Bitetti. His novels open a window to understanding who his characters really are. And his descriptions leaves little to the imagination. Wonderfully written!

  11. Bethanie Barns says:

    I stayed up till four in the morning to finish this novel. I can’t understand why The Hacker isn’t a runaway best seller. It has a compelling story, mystery, romance and adventure. I guess it takes time for an author to promote themselves. Ironically, after he, or she, has been writing for twenty years and finally has a hit novel they’re considered an “overnight success.” Well, I hope that happens to Bitetti, and soon, because he surely deserves it.

  12. Robert Gratzol says:

    This twisted tale on Florida’s Gold Coast held my attention from the first page. Bitetti is a master at description. I bought the narration, and it was like watching it all play-out before my eyes. It’s well worth the money. Buy it, you’ll like it.

  13. Melissa Abramson says:

    I’ve spent many vacations in Florida escaping the harsh winters. And I love to read how the rich live, so I like that The Hacker takes place on ritzy Jupiter Island. But what I enjoyed most was that it’s a human interest story about a man caught in a web of deceit and violence. His only solace is that he meets a beautiful young Canadian woman who steals his heart away at first sight. It’s a wonderful love story I’ll never forget. Need I say more…

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