Sword of Vengeance ~ Running From Police To Prove Innocence

SwordOfVengeance_BillBitettiFinding himself imprisoned in a loveless marriage and infuriated by his father’s betrayal of his beloved mother, a handsome successful attorney, John Ireland, Jr, leaves his wife and quits his father’s law firm to pursue the gorgeous young Christiania Tetchenova.

In the midst of their steamy affair, John frightfully discovers that Christiania is the mistress of Nicholas Sarkin, a wealthy Atlanta land developer who happens to be an old friend of the head of the Russian Mafia in America, Stefan Krylenko.

When Sarkin’s body is found in a bloody heap on the floor of his bedroom stabbed twenty-seven times, John Ireland, Jr. finds himself running from the police in a desperate attempt to prove his innocence.
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  1. P. Spano says:

    It presses you on to read until the end. I couldn’t put it down.

  2. Alfred Solomon says:

    I can see it as a movie. It’s worth reading for the unforgettable ending.

  3. Paula Dukakas says:

    Well worth the price of the audio. I listened to it twice. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

  4. Anna Gonzalez says:

    John Ireland is the man of my dreams, big, strong and bold. I wanted to jump into the story and wrap my arms around him….

  5. Daniel S says:

    Top notch thriller. Nonstop action…


  1. Mark Ellington says:

    A great story that pits a son against his father, throwing the family into chaos. The suspense never stops. I haven’t enjoyed a novel this much in a long time.

  2. Mark Leon says:

    If you like international intrigue and adventure this thriller is for you. This novel blew me away!

  3. Charles Lanee says:

    Sword of Vengeance is a literary Tour de France. Don’t miss it. It’s well worth the price of admission. Get the audio; it’s an easy listen.

  4. Vivian Andersen says:

    Waiting for a sequel. I didn’t want it to end. John Ireland is my dream date. Action packed from beginning to end.

  5. Jared Carlson says:

    Could easily be made into a series. Exciting from beginning to end. Very original.

  6. Andrew W says:

    Since I’m from Russian, I like to read about my country. This is a very realistic novel. At times, when reading it, I felt like I was back in the old country. Very well written.

  7. Phillip Gustowski says:

    This is the fourth of Bitetti’s novels that I’ve read, and I can honestly say that so far it’s his best. Fast paced, unpredictable and very original.

  8. Magalie Morales says:

    I couldn’t stop rooting for John Ireland as he ran from police, trying to prove his innocence. He’s the kind of guy a girl could easily fall for, big, strong and handsome. It’s the best psychological thriller I’ve read in a long time.

  9. Edgar Earnst says:

    A gripping story with non-stop action from the first page. I gave it my husband, and he too enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. The audio is very well done.

  10. Javier Dostie says:

    I couldn’t help identifying with the main character, John Ireland. My father and his are so much alike. I wanted to jump into the story and help him. Unforgettable story.

  11. Gregory Toth says:

    Great quality audio. Her voice brought the characters to life. Buy it. It’s worth every penny.

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