Spilled Blood ~ Ex-KGB Operative Takes On The Russian Government

Russian Government Pitted Against Ex-KGB Operative

Russian Government Pitted Against Ex-KGB Operative

The world is brought to the brink of war when Nikolai Norossisk, an avowed ultranationalist and demagogue bent on taking over the  Russian government, is pitted against the stunning, ambitious ex-KGB operative turned television news reporter, Veronika Dovsk, when she takes  it upon herself to reveal the dark side of Norossisk and his illegal dealings with the Russian Mafia by writing his unauthorized biography.


However, Veronika soon discovers that  she’s being hunted down by men that will stop at nothing to destroy her manuscript. The same men that are plotting to assassinate Norossisk to prevent him from becoming President of Russia. Fleeing to America to escape certain death, tall, dark, and handsome FBI Special Agent Rick Arnoff is assigned to protect her from her assassins.
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  1. Janet Walker says:

    Veronika is a force to be reckoned with. She moves the story from beginning to end. Action packed. A Russian thriller.

  2. Wendy W says:

    A psychological duel between a Russian leader hungry for power, and a woman who won’t back down. It grabbed me from the first page.

  3. Sofia Blum says:

    Bitetti’s great a character development. The price of the audio is very reasonable. Well worth the money.

  4. Jane Jobe says:

    I felt like I was running for my life from the Russian Mafia, like Veronika. The audio narration is terrific.

  5. Bob Doyle says:

    Interesting story. But I wish there was more political dialogue. A little too much romance for me.


  1. Vincent Demarco says:

    I grew to hate the power hungry Russian politician portrayed as Nikolai Norossisk. Whereas, I couldn’t help falling for Veronika. The audio made me feel like I was there. Very Well done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Read late into the night. Had to finish it. The end moved me to tears. Veronika is my hero…

  3. Gabriella Henning says:

    I usually read romance novels, but this one really grabbed my heart. I cried when it ended.

  4. Li Chen says:

    Good story. The ending is something you’d see in a movie. It’s unforgettable!

  5. Avi Jacobs says:

    What makes it such a good read is that it’s believable. With what’s going on in the world today, anything could happen. I highly recommend it.

  6. Leona Davis says:

    This novel is like a romance novel on steroids. There’s not only romance, but suspense, intrigue, action. It has it all. Read it!

  7. John bredlov says:

    Exciting from the first page. Watching Nikolai play with Veronika is like watching a cat play with a mouse. The story weaves itself from one continent to the next, until Veronika finally flies to America in a desperate effort to survive. It’s a real action thriller.

  8. Janet Smith says:

    The action never stops from the first page to the last. The end came like a rushing wind … carrying me away. I couldn’t hold back the tears. The book rocks!

  9. Juan Alvarez says:

    I’m happy to say Spilled Blood is a damn good read. I bought it on a whim. And I’m glad I did. I think I’ll try another one by this unknown author. Amazing!

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