On Fire With Desire


Dazzled by that unforgettable smile

You flashed to strike down my defenses,

I couldn’t resist chasing my dream girl,

Leaving all fear and doubt behind.


What should I say?

Sensing this wasn’t a time to dance with words,

I ran toward you like a stallion on fire with desire,

Trembling at the thought of carrying away my prize,

Promised to me from as far back as I can recall.


Long ago, without  forewarning,

Your radiant image burst into my consciousness,

Your features etched forever on the walls of my mind,

Yes you, … the woman of my dreams.


Breathless, I asked your name,

And when you said Ingrid my blood ran hot with anticipation.

It was the same in my dreams.

Surely, you were chosen to be the love of my life,

By a force far stronger than time.


Your smile launched us both on a voyage to a place 

where time stood still;

All that mattered was the touch of your warm tender lips

That beckoned me with a force beyond my control.


Life without love is eternal darkness,

Dreadful beyond compare.

Thankfully, you lit up my life

With a delightful delirium that makes me feel …  forever young.




All Rights Reserved, Bill Bitetti July 1, 2014.