Open Their Blind Eyes


He is with me, I carry His torch in my soul, 

To help me set goals and to light my path along the way,

As a lamp upon my feet to keep me from going astray.


Too many people allow anger and recrimination to tear their heart apart,

Unable to forgive God for what they don’t understand.

When temptation and sin seem to be my sole companions, 

I rely on His power to chase away woe with an all consuming fire,

Because His name is written on my heart.


In spite of what others say, I confront tribulation with a peaceful heart,

And  vow to be faithful to my desire to serve others.

Knowing He is alive in me and that truth is on my side, 

I attack each challenge set before me with a winsome smile,

Like I would a ripe, red watermelon, burying my face in it,

Letting its succulent juice drip down my chin,

Till I’m drunk with its sweetness.


The secret is to embrace the heartwarming moments,

Gather them to be stored like firewood for the winter,

Into a treasure trove of heartfelt memories of His lovingkindness and compassion,

To warm you when the day comes the world grows cold to believers.


I say to you, let the truth set you free to romance your way through life

Sharing His love with everyone you meet,

Bring a measure of Heaven to everyone you meet,

Unhampered by worry and unshaken by the discouragement of others.

For one day drowning in sorrow and doubt is worse than a thousand elsewhere.


Life can be glorious if you wish to experience love deeper than the sea.

Don’t listen to those craven souls who lead from behind,

Who serve themselves while ignoring God,

Afraid to pursue a passion for a greater purpose outside themselves.

Life won’t open their blind eyes or tear down the flood walls 

Set up to stifle their inner longing for something to believe in … until it’s too late.


Once again I say, shine in the darkness, light up the world with hope.

Dare to pray that through His power you will be transformed into his image,

Hoping one day you too will be able to make the blind see, and the deaf hear.  


In spite of being surrounded by storms … bless the majestic name of the Lord.

Be happy to live each day worshiping His creation miracle,

As if it was your last chance to gaze at the simple beauty of it all. 


Forgive yourself for the times you’ve tripped over your stubborn heart.

Lift your voice and pray to forgive others for not being more like you.

Remember, we have all been redeemed by His blood.

Salvation is God’s way of perfecting us, so we can be used for His glory. 


Do not fear or be dismayed. Be strong. Be courageous.

The Lord your God is the one fighting for you, and the world is in His hands.

If you don’t get your way your life won’t fall apart,

It may lead to a new understanding of a feeling you never felt before,

Or be a part of God’s plan of having His way with you.


Not being of this world … I treat it like a leper.

No matter what, I accept by faith my belief in the giver of life.

For I can’t deny the joy of the Lord in my heart!





All Rights Reserved, Bill Bitetti July 1, 2014