A Land Of Lilliputians


America is fast becoming a land of Lilliputians. People no longer revere those who are successful, but instead lift up those who are mediocre. We hear too much about leveling the playing field. What’s wrong with that is that there will always be slack-jawed slackers who boohoo the achievers. I ask you, where are the times when it was admirable for a man, or woman, to strive to be the best that they can be, to create a legacy for  future generations?

All I see now are small people with green eyes … darting to and fro. It’s like Mark Twain said years ago, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Are there any more like Charles Lindbergh, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King among us? Those who had a dream to better themselves and in the process contribute to ending the plight of others. Are they afraid to show themselves for fear of being clobbered with words meant to knock them to their knees and discredit them? Have they been silenced by the small people running about like village idiots with envy-drool dripping from their lips, ready to lie and cheat in order to put down anyone willing to struggle to make their dreams come true for fear it will make them appear indigent or foolhardy.

We all need to look around and see what their craven minds are doing to degrade our great nation. We were once a country with a singular purpose. A loud voice heard around the world that welcomed people who yearned to be free to do something exceptional and significant with their lives. Now, we’ve become like a bucket of crabs. When one crab grabs hold of the top of the bucket and tries to pull itself above and beyond the bucket, the others clinch their claws to it and drag it back down.

That’s not the can-do Yankee attitude that once sent our brave troops to storm the shores of Normandy on D-day, sheading their blood so we could be free. They gave their lives to keep the American dream alive. Not to allow the small people among us to dumb-down our society and in the process eviscerate our drive to be the guiding light of the world. Since when is it a crime to be number one? We need to be proud to be Americans – proud to be the greatest country in the world, once again.

A great nation is comprised of great people, not a bunch of followers too afraid to set their imagination on accomplishing incredible feats, like putting a man on the moon. That was something I’ll never forget. It was an amazing moment in time that made all of mankind stand in awe of what daring men, and women, can accomplish if they’re encouraged to reach for the stars.

We must all rise up and come on like a rushing wind against those who want to demean the American spirit of excellence. It’s up to us to take back this country, take it back for all those who gave their lives all over the world to keep the American dream alive. We should be proud to be patriots of the United States of America.

Lift up your voice and shout, let the spirit of freedom ring out across this great land. America once strove to achieve its manifest destiny. Now, we must strive to  influence the world with a singular purpose – to encourage others to dare to live free.