Devilish Little Flying Machines ~ New Technology Leads to Pandora’s Box Of Evils

DevilshLittleFlyingMachines_BillBitettiTwo brothers, Nicholas and Gordon St. James, become estranged following the death of their parents in a hit-and-run accident in Gainesville, Florida.

Twenty years later, feeling betrayed after finding his fiancée in bed with another man and haunted by the loss of his parents, Nicholas falls into a deep depression. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Gordon is tormented by demons, obsessed with power, and consumed by his desire to control his wayward wife.

Unwittingly, these two misguided men are destined to once again cross paths after the older brother Gordon, president of a California drone manufacturer, becomes embroiled in a post 9/11-type attack that rocks the world. Is the time soon approaching when drone technology will become a Pandora’s box full of unforeseen evils that cannot be undone?
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  1. Brian Stiff says:

    A timely, futuristic novel with action, adventure and romance. A real page turner that kept me reading late into the night. I highly recommend it as a must read.


  1. John Hogan says:

    Quite a story. I hope it never happens.

  2. Janette H says:

    The story swept me away from the first page…

  3. E. Gonzalez says:

    This novel brings home the point of what to expect from the “drone revolution” that’s coming. Well done.

  4. Angelo Monti says:

    The threat is for real. I’ve researched the next generation of drones, and it’s frightening. It’s like out of a science fiction novel.

  5. Dan Jillian says:

    This writer brings home the point that the threat is real. We can’t collectively stick our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away. It’s here to stay.

  6. Craig Vienne says:

    A must read for anyone who wants to stay informed to what’s really happening in this country. The future is knocking at our door….

  7. Yanes Domingo says:

    Unforgettable! I keep peering out my window thinking I’m going to see a drone hovering above my house. It’s downright scary.

  8. Micheal K says:

    This novel woke me up to what could happen. It’s scary to think the US is so vulnerable. This is a must read!

  9. Dick Inger says:

    I’m frightened when I think how real this story sounds. It could happen, and then what? America isn’t ready for another 9/11.

  10. Gretchin Williams says:

    I grew up in the sixties. Yes, there was the cold war, but it never seemed as if it was happening so close to home. Now I look up and wonder if I’ll see a drone flying over my house. A++

  11. Max Starr says:

    This novel will make you forget everything the government is telling you about drones. This is the truth of what could happen…

  12. John Sabatino says:

    A very frightening tale! There must be something we can do to prevent something like this from happening. I hope more people should read this novel…

  13. Jose Hernandez says:

    When my cousin bought a drone I thought it was a toy. But after reading Devilish Little Flying Machines I know better. The problem is I fear that by the time the American public finds out it will already be too late.

  14. Jim Stallato says:

    Suspenseful and timely. I listened to the audio over the weekend, very well done. A must read for anyone concerned about the future of our society.

  15. Ron Atkinson says:

    This story puts it out for all of us to see. Bitetti does the heavy lifting to show the holes in our national defense. It’s time we wake up to the threat, before it’s too late!

  16. Sam Laurent says:

    Gripping story. Very well written. It’s a spiders web. Once you get caught up in the story you won’t be able to put it down. It’s a mass tragedy, yet mostly written through the eyes of the two main characters, two brothers on a collision course with destiny. Very engaging right to the end.

  17. Pamela Perkins says:

    I quickly got caught up in this suspenseful tale. I listened to it on my drive back home. It made the time fly. I think I’ll get another one for my return trip. I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

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