Crazy Love


I sit up and strain my eyes

To see you walking alone along the beach.

You look my way with a saccharine smile,

Reaching out to me in your own shy way.

Have no fear you of little confidence,

Your angelic radiance blinds me like the noonday sun.

I sense a rare inner kindness hidden beneith your smile.


You stroll toward me,

Suddenly all other women seem expendable,

Though I must admit your honest desire seems so pure it’s gullible.

Was your heart ever broken?


Your voluptuous body tells me  

Fate made everything to fit just right;

We were born for each other.

It’s all I can do to hope you see me as that special one

You wish to spend your life with.


Our eyes lock,

And I see all women in you;

You being the best of them.

Years of familiarity seem to be stuffed

Into this singular moment in time,

As a torrent of emotions gush hope into my heart.


I gasp and lift my eager body off the sand.

I’ve been waiting forever for this crazy love.

My hungry lips can’t stop trembling,

Thinking you’re the one.


Can this quick magnetism last?

I pinch myself, fearful that our serendipitous meeting

Could somehow disqualify this miracle love at first sight.

Or is it divinely inspired?


I always hoped it would come to me,

Though it seemed a distant dream too special to ever come my way.

I can’t deny, you evoke feelings I never knew,

And now never want to live without.


Without a word,

The passion glowing in your eyes  jumps into mine.

I feel desire coming on like a rushing whirlwind,

And my knees grow weak. 

Like a morning mist surrounds a river valley,

Complementary visions of familial laughter waft through my mind.

A harbinger of things to come…




All Rights Reserved, Bill Bitetti July 1, 2014.