A Woman’s World


Clinging to those she loves with an inner strength few men understand,

A woman holds her world within her tightly wrapped arms.

Loving those she holds dear more than fortune or fame,

As if she was massaging their beating hearts in the palm of her hand,

Husbands, children, parents, sisters and brothers, lifelong friends

Have an eternal grasp on a woman’s heart.


Whereas men travel light, with greedy hands and hard hearts,

Caring for themselves first, keeping their feelings close to their vest,

Too afraid to show how much they need a woman by their side to feel complete,

Poker players to the very end, playing the game of life like lonely, lost boys –

Where might makes right, and at times the end justifies the means.


Not a choice, kindness is engraved on a woman’s heart,

Giving them an uncanny ability to mend grieving hearts;

In a mother’s arms all fears are washed away,

A gift passed from one woman to another.

Women are born to bind a family together in a cocoon of love and devotion.

Why can’t men understand a woman’s world?


Mother’s mend  fences between family members,

Care for the sick and elderly, referee disputes,

And forever strive to prevent the battles fathers have with neglected children,

Growing up and then growing old, … craving his attention.


Women stretch out their arms like a security net,

Always ready to catch those fearful and stumbling

Over broken relationships and fallen dreams.

Softly and peacefully, they try to bring an end to the foolish mistakes,

And the hapless or hopeless expectations of those they hold dear,

With the warm embrace of unconditional love.


A woman’s heart is pure and simple,

While at the same time wonderful and wondrous,

There’s no doubt they’re lovely, lovable creatures

Divinely inspired to give more than they receive.

Superior in so many ways, though too insecure and humble to admit it,

Forsaking all self-love for the love of others,

A woman hides her greatest fear – to lose the man she loves so dearly.


While men strut their stuff like peacocks, flaunting their grandiose feathers,

Announcing with a winsome smile who they are to the world,

Their loyal wives steadfastly stand beside them

With a weary yet gleeful glint in their eyes.


So, now, you understand why I stand when my wife enters the room.

I know the sacrifices she’s made along the way to support my dreams.

Where would I be today … without the love of a good woman?



All Rights Reserved, Bill Bitetti July 1, 2014.