A Child Of God


The years passed like vapor rising into the great unknown,

Though I had no fear,

For I knew one day I’d be going home. 


Peering up to Heaven, I lay motionless with a humble heart.

Suddenly, I feel a cold dank fog creeping up alongside me.

A chill shakes me to the bone!

Has death cast its deadly shadow over me?


My body trembles, as I struggle to breathe.

Then a wellspring of affection erupts deep within my soul,

A yearning to see the Lord.


A feeble smile snakes across my face –

When I see Jesus open his arms wide to welcome me.

Hallelujah, I am saved!


I find myself  floating … toward the light.

The blinding light burns away the fog, and along with it all my fears.

At long last,  I’m going to meet my maker.


My heart aches when I glance back at my beloved family. 

Alas, I’m leaving behind a trail of tears….

Though I’m more than ready to leave this world that I don’t understand

To go to a place where all my questions will be answered.

For I know that only He has the power to restore my soul and heal my broken heart.


I fear no evil as angles hover high above,

Watching and waiting to take me home

To where His almighty radiance will shower me with love.

With glorious anticipation my spirit begs to be free … to soar with the angles.


Rising up to meet the creator of the universe,

I’m lost in the moment – time seems to stand still –

As I cling to the belief that He will make all things right.


Yes, I’m to dwell eternally with Him where there is no sickness or strife,

Where those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior

Will live together with joy and laughter …  and no more sorrow and pain.


Oh deliverance!

How blessed am I to have the peace of God rule my life,

To have been chosen before the creation of the world,

To be saved by grace,

To be a child of God.









All Rights Reserved, July 1, 2014