Our World’s On The Verge Of Dying


It’s staring us in the face;

Everywhere we look there are wars and rumors of war,

Though  with befuddled frustration we try to ignore the horrible truth

That our world’s on the verge of dying.

Do we know why it’s groaning and crying?

Or are we too concerned with our own affairs to care.


We need to look up to Him to stop the pain,

Our base instincts have caused us to become cold hearted,

And go mad with  hatred,  jealousy and anger.


How can we not ask the vexatious question;

Will the contemptuous contradictions and roiling turmoil

Keep us on the path of self-destruction?

One thing’s for certain, … the Almighty is knocking at our door.

Only He can save us from ourselves.




All Rights Reserved, Bill Bitetti July 1, 2014.