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Interview with Bill Bitetti




When did you consider yourself a writer?

I considered myself a writer when I started writing poems, while studying at the University.  Since I am a helpless romantic my first poems were an expression of love for a particular coed who was then the object of my affection.  The poems seemed to be a natural response to my overwhelming desire to reveal the inner most thoughts and feelings that were begging to be expressed.  However, my need to write soon became an obsession.  I began to write short stories soon thereafter.  Ultimately, my writing served as a catharsis for feelings that smoldered deep within my restless soul.  Thus, I decided to write my first novel “Caught In A Hellish Nightmare”, while I helplessly watched my beloved wife die a slow agonizing death from breast cancer.  I have gone on to write six additional novels.


What book do you wish you’d written?

The book I wish I had written is how my mother and father, the children of Italian immigrants growing up during the Great Depression, married young and somehow overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest to better themselves, raise a family, and live a productive happy life together. Perhaps one day I will find the time to write their story.


What surprised you most when you became published?

I recall an interview I read once where the interviewer asked the author what it felt like to be an overnight success.  In response the author had said that he’d been writing for twenty years, so he didn’t consider himself an overnight success.  I couldn’t agree with him more….


How do you deal with criticism/rejection?

Like anyone else, I frown on criticism if I think the reason for the criticism is not valid.  However, rejection is the bane of every artist, anyone who creates must be confronted with the criticism of those who, for one reason or another, find their work unacceptable.  My understanding is that rejection is common place for anyone aspiring to have their work published.  Though every writer must strongly believe that he, or she, has something to say that will appeal to the reading public, or they will ultimately fail.  Thus, I firmly believe that we must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.


What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to endeavor to have my novels made into movies, by doing so I will be able to reach a much larger audience.   A number of movie producers and directors have expressed interest in my novels; however, I have yet to sell the movie rights to any of my novels.  Hopefully, that will change in the near future

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coverFinding himself imprisoned in a
loveless marriage and infuriated by
his father’s betrayal of his beloved
mother, a handsome successful
attorney, John Ireland, Jr, leaves
his wife and quits his father’s law
firm to pursue the gorgeous young
Christiania Tetchenova.
In the midst of their steamy
affair, John frightfully discovers
that Christiania is the mistress of
Nicholas Sarkin, a wealthy Atlanta
land developer who happens to
be an old friend of the head of the
Russian Mafia in America, Stefan
Krylenko.When Sarkin’s body is found in
a bloody heap on the floor of his
bedroom stabbed twenty-seven
times, John Ireland, Jr. finds himself
running from the police in a desperate
attempt to prove his innocence. 

Chapter One, Page One, from Sword of Vengeance:

He opened the front door, then slammed it shut with a bang. His pulse was pounding. He knew once his family found out that he’d run away with a married woman, they’d disown him. But it didn’t matter. Whatever was out there had to be better than living in his father’s shadow.

Ignominiously, the junior after his name had always made him feel like an appendage. As far back as he could remember, his father had expected him to follow in his footsteps. Why couldn’t his father understand that he didn’t want to take over his prestigious law firm? He was bored to death, and afraid that one day he’d put a bullet in his head to prove it.


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About the Author – Bill Bitetti

Large_BillBitettiBill Bitetti earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. Soon thereafter, he traveled extensively throughout Europe as a professional model and actor. Upon returning to the states, he started his first business with only five hundred dollars. Some time later, he relocated to Florida to publish a singles magazine. He has gone on to become a prosperous entrepreneur, risking it all time and time again, buying and selling numerous businesses, residential houses, and commercial properties.

His hobbies include gardening, art collecting, remodeling older homes, hiking, weightlifting, writing poetry, and alternative medicine. Currently, he owns extensive real estate holdings in Florida and in North Carolina. Additionally, he owns the Florida franchise of National Tenant Network. NTN happens to be the largest privately owned tenant screening company in the world with franchises in the United States and Canada. He has written related articles which have appeared in Condo Management Magazine and various Florida newspapers, since he purchased the franchise in 1987, as well as seven novels – international thrillers. He is presently seeking someone in the film industry to produce his most recent novel Devilish Little Flying Machines, a timely drone thriller, into a major motion picture.

A vegetarian, who has had a life long interest in the humane treatment of animals, he’s presently living with his beautiful Norwegian wife, Ingrid, and their harlequin Great Dane, Moses, in a dream house he personally built on five acres in a gated equestrian community atop a hillock in a bucolic setting in Northern Florida.

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Devilish Little Flying Machines ~ New Technology Leads to Pandora’s Box Of Evils

DevilshLittleFlyingMachines_BillBitettiTwo brothers, Nicholas and Gordon St. James, become estranged following the death of their parents in a hit-and-run accident in Gainesville, Florida.

Twenty years later, feeling betrayed after finding his fiancée in bed with another man and haunted by the loss of his parents, Nicholas falls into a deep depression. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Gordon is tormented by demons, obsessed with power, and consumed by his desire to control his wayward wife.

Unwittingly, these two misguided men are destined to once again cross paths after the older brother Gordon, president of a California drone manufacturer, becomes embroiled in a post 9/11-type attack that rocks the world. Is the time soon approaching when drone technology will become a Pandora’s box full of unforeseen evils that cannot be undone?
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Sworn to Secrecy ~ Army Ranger Attempts Kidnapped Rescue In The Jungles of Columbia

SwornToSecrecy_BillBitettiFollowing a four-year stint in the Army Rangers, Mario Amato returns home to discover that nothing has changed, until Tom Hanley, the childhood friend he left behind, persuades Mario to join him in attending the University of Miami. Amidst the glitter and glitz of one of South Florida’s most trendy and exciting cities, Mario falls in love with Julia Hernandez, a rich beautiful co-ed, who happens to be the daughter of Pedro Hernandez, the Prosecutor General of Columbia.

However, when Julia’s kidnapped by someone working for the Palmeri drug cartel, for the purpose of blackmailing her father, Mario and Tom travel to the jungles of Columbia in a foolhardy attempt to rescue her.

What happens next … changes their lives forever.
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Sword of Vengeance ~ Running From Police To Prove Innocence

SwordOfVengeance_BillBitettiFinding himself imprisoned in a loveless marriage and infuriated by his father’s betrayal of his beloved mother, a handsome successful attorney, John Ireland, Jr, leaves his wife and quits his father’s law firm to pursue the gorgeous young Christiania Tetchenova.

In the midst of their steamy affair, John frightfully discovers that Christiania is the mistress of Nicholas Sarkin, a wealthy Atlanta land developer who happens to be an old friend of the head of the Russian Mafia in America, Stefan Krylenko.

When Sarkin’s body is found in a bloody heap on the floor of his bedroom stabbed twenty-seven times, John Ireland, Jr. finds himself running from the police in a desperate attempt to prove his innocence.
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Blood Feud In Golden Sand ~ Ex-Wife Has Kidnapped Son and Vanished

BloodFeud_BillBitettiAfter Antonio Bianco discovers that his ex-wife, Caroline, has kidnapped their only son, Adam, and vanished into the night, he quits his job as vice-president of a high-powered New York advertising firm, sells his palatial home in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and begins a nationwide manhunt for his son. However, when the police inform him that his beloved mother, Vera Santoro, has been murdered in her condominium in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, his grief soon turns into rage, and he decides to take up residency in his mother’s condo until her killer’s apprehended.

He soon discovers that his mother’s murder is inextricably linked to the ugly feud that exists between two headstrong, wealthy real estate investors, Joe Valenti and Allen Silverman, for control of the Golden Sand Condominium Association.

With the help of Venus Tierney, a lovely criminal law professor at the University of Florida, Antonio sets out to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s murder.
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The Hacker ~ New York Mafia Family And A Dead Computer Hacker

TheHacker_BillBitettiRunning from the nightmare of losing his wife to ovarian cancer, Donald Giovanni moves to a small town on the east coast of Florida and buys an old country store. Soon, he discovers that he’s fallen into a pit of vipers when he becomes embroiled in an FBI stock scam investigation involving a New York Mafia family and a dead computer hacker, whose body is found hanging from a tree in front of his father’s estate on ritzy Jupiter Island.

Confused, frightened, and alone, Donald’s heart melts when he meets Penelope King, a pretty young Canadian woman. However, Penelope is grief-stricken by the belief that she has inherited Huntington’s Chorea, the same dreadful disease that struck down her sister in the prime life. She ignores his advances until the day fate forces her into his arms.
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Caught in a Hellish Nightmare ~ Russian Arms Dealer Stalks Norwegian Beauty

CaughtHellishNightmare_BillBitettiLiving the good life in a mansion a few blocks from the beach in glamorous Boca Raton, Florida, Bill Roman unsuspectingly takes, Louie  Lombardo, a Mafioso as a business partner. Bill soon finds himself fighting against insurmountable odds to stay alive. While on the other side of the world, brokenhearted and searching for love, Grete Aune, reluctantly responds to the love ad Bill places in a Norwegian newspaper.


However, Grete fears for her life when her ex-fiance Vladimir Korensky,  a renegade Russian arms dealer, comes back to stalk her; only to find that she has promised her heart to another.

Separately, Bill and Grete struggle to escape the wrath of their vengeful  adversaries with the hope of one day meeting face to face.
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Spilled Blood ~ Ex-KGB Operative Takes On The Russian Government

Russian Government Pitted Against Ex-KGB Operative

Russian Government Pitted Against Ex-KGB Operative

The world is brought to the brink of war when Nikolai Norossisk, an avowed ultranationalist and demagogue bent on taking over the  Russian government, is pitted against the stunning, ambitious ex-KGB operative turned television news reporter, Veronika Dovsk, when she takes  it upon herself to reveal the dark side of Norossisk and his illegal dealings with the Russian Mafia by writing his unauthorized biography.


However, Veronika soon discovers that  she’s being hunted down by men that will stop at nothing to destroy her manuscript. The same men that are plotting to assassinate Norossisk to prevent him from becoming President of Russia. Fleeing to America to escape certain death, tall, dark, and handsome FBI Special Agent Rick Arnoff is assigned to protect her from her assassins.
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